Caitlin Self

Functional Nutritionist

A whole-body approach to nutrition, health, and wellness is within reach. I can help you balance your hormones, your blood sugar, and your life by leaving the diet culture behind.
I help women, mothers, and children balance the high demands of modern life through specific and attainable steps towards equilibrium. It's never too late to become the healthiest version of yourself!

"Being a woman isn't about getting on a scale or measuring your waistline. We need to start focusing on what matters -- on how we feel, and how we feel about ourselves."
- Michelle Obama

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Take Back Your Health | March 30th, 2019
Women's Health and Empowerment Event
Join us for this 3-hour event with our favorite brands and local practitioners to learn how to Take Back Your Health!

Women's Health Workshop Series | April - June 2019

~ Seed Cycling: How and Why
~ Macro Balancing for Blood Sugar and Fertility
~ Cooking 101: Learn to Cook Simple, Hormone-Healthy Meals
~ Food & Mood: Build a Better Breakfast
~ Herbs for Anxiety
~ Make Your Own Salves and Tinctures


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